Outdoor Gym

Breakers Country Club is is home to a very functional outdoor gym. This gym comprises of 12 different work out stations, all of which are suitable for everyone over the age of 13 years.


This equipment is available from 7am-9pm and can be used by bowlers and golfers to warm up or cool down, as well as any local community member* who would like to come down and work on their fitness and coordination.


Read below for an equipment overview including instructional videos.


*Please note that commercial operators are not permitted to use the equipment unless approved in writing by club management.

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The Helix is an unsteady surface for balance exercises, excellent for improving the muscles in the ankle, knee and torso.


A dual device with on one side the Helix, and on the other the Swing. The Helix is an unsteady surface for balance exercises, excellent for improving the muscles in the ankle, knee and torso. The Swing improves the muscles in the torso, and additionally improves the coordination and flexibility of the hip area.

Fitness Bike

A resistance adjustable bike with a unique friction-free system of magnetic resistance. This means the bike is suitable for everyone, from people who can only engage in very light exercise to super-fit professional cyclists. The height of the saddle can be adjusted, providing each user with a suitable height and making the bike easy to mount.

Chest Press + Horizontal Row

Resistance adjustable training device, designed for performing the chest press and horizontal row from a standing position. The Chest Press trains the chest muscles, consisting of the pectoralis major and the pectoralis minor, and the triceps. The Horizontal Row mainly trains the broad back muscles, the biceps and the trapezius muscles.


The Twist mainly improves the strength of the muscles in the torso, and is excellent for lumbar mobility.


The Step is probably the simplest and most versatile device in the Standing-Strong range; so many practical exercises can be done with a step.

Stretch Bar

Designed for stretching exercises and is additionally suitable for training a range of different muscle groups. The Stretchbar can be used for doing pull-ups, squats or pushups. The distance between the bars varies, making it possible to do a range of exercises. The Stretchbar is a favourite training device for personal trainers because they can tie their suspension trainers, ropes and elasticated bands to it.


The Crosstrainer is perfect for improving stamina. The advantage of the Crosstrainer is that the movements are large but smooth and they involve both the arms and the legs, this enables the user to simultaneously train all the major muscle groups and burn a lot of energy.

Squat + Shoulder Press + Lat Pull Down

Resistance adjustable training device, designed for the execution of squats, lat pull downs and shoulder presses from a standing position. Squats train a large number of muscles in the legs and torso, and are good for the heart and blood vessels. Lat pull downs are excellent for training all back muscles, and biceps and chest muscles. The shoulder press trains the deltoid muscles, trapezius muscles, serratus anterior muscles and triceps.


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