Policies and Financials

Breakers Responsible Service of Alcohol House Policy

We take our responsibility to members and patrons very seriously, and always practice the responsible service of alcohol at all times.
As such, at Breakers Country Club we have adopted the following strategies in the Responsible Service of Alcohol.

  • House Policy
  • Staff Training
  • Education of Patrons
  • Promoting safe driving practices

Our responsible serving practices aim to:

  • Prevent underage drinking
  • Prevent or manage intoxication and intoxicated behaviour
  • Prevent or manage violent or disruptive behaviour
  • Prevent drinking and driving

We also support the Liquor Accord’s “Barred from one, Barred from all” policy.

Responsible Conduct of Gaming

Breakers Country Club implements safe gaming practices and supports the Bet Safe self exclusion program.