Live Entertainment

November Entertainment:

Friday 17th November

Troy Henderson                7pm-10pm

Saturday 18th November

Samuel Schirmer              7-10pm

Sunday 19th November

Open Fire                           3pm-6pm

Friday 24th November

Paul Eagle                      7pm-10pm

Saturday 25th November

Kelly Griffith                      7-10pm

Sunday 26th November

Milika & Bryden Duo       3pm-6pm

Wednesday 29th November

Big Band Therapy             7pm-10pm

December Entertainment:

Sunday 3rd December

Kuta Groove                      4pm-7pm

Friday 8th November

Stevie Pounder                 7pm-10pm

Saturday 9th December

Ben Woodham                  7-10pm

Sunday 10th December

Black Velvet Duo              4pm-7pm

Friday 15th December 

Alex O’Toole                     7pm-10pm

Saturday 16th December

Dominique Morgan         7-10pm

Sunday 17th December

Slam Tango                        4pm-7pm

Friday 22nd November

Jenny Marie Lang            7pm-10pm

Saturday 23rd December

Dexter Moore                   7-10pm

Sunday 24th December

Kuta Groove                      4pm-7pm

Tuesday 26th December (BOXING DAY)

Brent and Tash Duo        4pm-7pm

Wednesday 27th December

Big Band Therapy             7pm-10pm

Friday 29th November

Kelly Griffith                     7pm-10pm

Saturday 30th December

Nick Read                           7-10pm

Sunday 31st December (NEW YEARS EVE)

The Voodoo Rhythm Shakers       8:30pm-12:30am

January Entertainment:

Friday 5th January

Howard Shearman 7-10pm

Saturday 6th January

Toby Wells                         7-10pm

Sunday 7th January

Ben Woodham                  4pm-7pm

Friday 12th January

Michael Peters                   7-10pm

Saturday 13th January

Asha                                      7-10pm

Sunday 14th January

Kuta Groove                      4pm-7pm

Friday 19th January

Troy Henderson               7-10pm

Saturday 20th January

Stevie Pounder                 7-10pm

Sunday 21st January

Dominique Morgan         4pm-7pm

Friday 26th January (AUSTRALIA DAY)

Open Fire Duo                    7-10pm

Saturday 27th January

Samuel Schirmer              7-10pm

Sunday 28th January

Milika & Bryden Duo       4pm-7pm

Wednesday 31st January

Big Band Therapy             7pm-10pm