Sporting/Community Clubs

Breakers Country Club is committed to supporting our community.

We are heavily involved in the ongoing support of the following sporting and sub clubs

• Breakers Darts Club
Breakers Men’s Bowling Club Wamberal
Breakers Women’s Bowling Club Wamberal
• Central Coast Seasons for Growth
• Gosford Hockey Club
North Avoca Surf Life Saving Club
OLSS (Saints) Netball Club
Terrigal Avoca Panthers Australian Football – Junior and Senior Clubs
Terrigal Community Mens Shed
Terrigal Matcham Cricket – Junior and Senior Clubs
• Breakers Men’s Golf Club
Terrigal Rotary Club
Terrigal Surf Life Saving Club
Terrigal BMX Club
Terrigal Trojans Rugby Union Club
Terrigal United Football – Junior and Senior Clubs
Terrigal Wamberal Lions Club
• Terrigal Wamberal RSL Sub Branch
Terrigal Wamberal Rugby League – Junior and Senior Clubs
• Breakers Women’s Golf Club
The Haven Education Centre
Wamberal Rural Fire Brigade
Wamberal Surf Life Saving Club

Are you interested in joining one of our sub clubs or would like support for your sporting club?

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Breakers are very proud to announce that our solar panels were installed in early April.

A total of 384 panels have been placed on the roof of the clubhouse and produce 140,000 kw per year, dramatically reducing our environmental footprint.












Breakers Country Club have become the proud sponsor of ‘Seasons for Growth’ online tool to combat the devastating issue of youth suicide on the Central Coast.

The most recent childhood studies – speaking to young people themselves – have identified the needs of our adolescence as:

  • Recognition
  • Protection
  • Participation – feeling involved and connected
  • Relationship building

They want to have their say. They want to be heard. Each child has agency.

As a community, we need to take responsibility, and try to change the following statistics:

  • Suicide is Australia is the ‘leading cause of death for young people in the 15 to 24 age group’.
  • It accounts for more than 24% of our males– and 15% of all female deaths.

Statistics provided by [Bartik, Maple & McKay, 2015]

These stats in NSW are concerning; however, incidents contributing to these statistics on the Central Coast, are even more alarming. We are one of the areas where our children are at greatest risk; where… “ a disproportionate representation of suicide (is) in an age group, that should reflect the best and most productive years of health and quality of life”…..(Batik et al, 2013)

Intervention and prevention, is needed at an early age.

We have an educational program ‘at our fingertips’ that works. This program was in most schools in early 2000, when “The Suicide Prevention Strategy” funded pioneering and coordinating this program on the Central Coast. Funding ceased and implementation gradually declined.

The undeniable need is  here again with the “Report on the second Australian Child and Adolescent Survey of Mental Health and Wellbeing” 2015 confirming …”The rates for depression, self-harm and thoughts about suicide in teenagers are particularly worrying, with approximately one in ten indicating that they have engaged in self harming behaviour” …….

“Overall, the survey highlights the need for continued effort by governments and the broader community to improve the mental health of children and young people and to continue our collaborative work to achieve more effective prevention”.

Seasons for Growth teaches a ‘process’ that fosters Mental Health & Wellbeing. It is easy to implement and can be active in all schools and any facility / centre that deals with our young people, and their families. All we need are volunteers, to be endorsed by the site, to be trained as ‘Companions’ to implement.

Breaker’s Country Club has decided to be pro-active and support the coordination & implementation of this program on the Central Coast, by funding a website for easy access to information & sustainability of the program.

The ‘Project for 2017’ is that every child on the Central Coast has the opportunity to participate in ‘Seasons for Growth’ when needed – whether it be at school or an outside community agency.

Ken Pearson , The Manager of Breaker’s Country Club, and Janice Wilkinson – Season for Growth Trainer /Volunteer Coordinator are instrumental in getting this project off the ground. The aim is to build up protective factors in our kids, at a younger age, and decrease the risk of self harm as they grow older.

We have evidence our children are crying out for help.

We have evidence that this program works.

Let’s get it out there!

Breakers hope that their contribution and sponsorship for this tool provides the youth of the Central Coast with the information and resources that is required to combat these alarming statistics and bring awareness to an issue that has the ability to affect each and every one of us.

Click here to view the Seasons for Growth Website